Premium Auto PowerLikes

From: $99.99 / month

Service similar to Auto Likes with all the automation benefits mentioned. The differentiating factor is quality, with Auto Likes you get likes from real accounts, but PowerLikes upgrades that to active accounts which are much more important for the Instagram Algorithm. All you need to worry about is creating interesting content, and we can take care of the rest! Each of your posts will get the number of PowerLikes you select bellow for a continuation of 30 whole days or 30 posts, whichever comes first.

* Likes and impressions from real and active accounts will create a boosting effect;
* Fast detection (1-6 minutes after a post is up our system will automatically detect it and start delivering);
* Adjustable delivery speed;
* Entirely automated service including slow stream delivery to ensure it looks organic;
* Great results to each post – Followers, Profile visits, Clicks on Website, Comments, etc;
* PowerViews are also delivered to videos;
* Up to 30 posts over 30 days;
* No password required;
* Great value for money;
* Cancel at any time.

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