3 Golden Tips for Instagram Stories Proven To Improve Your Engagement



The current algorithm is all about interactions and exposure. You must engage in order to get engagement and grow your reach on Instagram. In the Instagram followers App homepage, you can see the profile pictures of the people you follow, showing their most recent stories. When you click on the profile picture the videos start playing one after the other until you’ve watched everything.   

Our tip is: before you go to bed click on the first profile and let it roll while you’re asleep. It will automatically open the next profile’s stories until you’ve “watched” all available ones. Thus, it will be shown to those profiles that you have been watching their Instagram stories and they might check your profile, like and comment on your posts and of course watch your stories as well. Do this every day for at least a month and see your organic engagement drastically improve! Consistency is the key here.  

Recommendation: buy a cheap phone that will only serve this purpose. While you are busy living your life, your virtual-self will be watching all the stories of all the profiles you follow.


Encourage your audience to engage with your Instagram posts and stories. Tell them a story about yourself and ask them about their lives using the Questions Sticker feature. This way they can replay and share their experiences with you. People love to share, use this in your favour!


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