Create your Digital Personality with Well Organised Hashtags


When you upload a picture or video, make sure you write something to make it a bit personal and use hashtags. It shouldn’t be big because most people have no time to read endless captions, so they need to be short and smart. If your followers identify with you and the messages you send they will remain loyal to you and to your brand. It’s also a strategy to gain genuine engagement on your posts, ask questions and share about yourself.

Hashtags Organised

With the new algorithm, hashtag have become highly valuable. An appropriate research of relevant and trending hashtags for your target audience can be the key. Instead of having to write all the hashtags over and over when you upload a new post, make a list. Dedicate 15 minutes to this task and create a list of all hashtags that are relevant to your business and posts, you can even categories them if you know your content well. Save the list in a note on your phone or desktop and use it every time you are preparing your content.