How to Get Followers on Instagram: Step by Step Guide

How to Get Followers on Instagram Step by Step Guide

Want to have huge followers on Instagram? But don’t know how? Everyone likes to have a huge number of followers. Here is step by step guide to having a maximum number of followers on Instagram.

Step 1: starting out

The first thing you must do when you start out your Insta journey is

  • Have an eye-catching profile picture. A profile picture is the first thing people notice in an account.
  • Have a bio that says about you and at the same time witful. If it is for professional purpose, it should give a clear view of what your account is for.
  • For a more personal account, build up your feed with at least 10 to 12 amazing posts.

Step 2: build it up

An account is more appealing when more followers are there than it follows others.

  • Search for accounts that are the same type as yours and start following its real followers. Try to follow who have human pictures display and not some logo.
  • Put lively comments on the posts of account you are following.
  • Start scheduling your posts and take time to edit and tag it. Do not rush the process.

Step 3: Halfway there

As you follow the previous steps, your account starts to reach people. To go one step ahead

  • Include yourself in some engagement groups.
  • Invest in advertisements. This step is more useful when your account is created to build up a brand.
  • If you post something at the same time for long, it will create a schedule. And this will make people wait and search for your post on the scheduled time.

Step 4: there you go

By now your account must gain a number of followers. But to push the level forward make the promotion of your account. You can

  • Ask people to tag. Ask your follower to tag someone with whom he can relate your post such as- “tag your BFF” or “tag someone you are grateful to”. Your post reaches more and more people this way.
  • Have a giveaway contest. You can host a contest and can give away anything like clothes, gift cards or something you sell.

Step 5: reach out

When you reach a certain number of followers, it brings in monetizing opportunities. Now, build up your presence outside Instagram.

  • Start thinking for your followers. Spread values. Reach out to help.
  • Make shoutouts. You may make collaboration with other Instagrammers for it too.

All these steps conglomerate to give you a great fan following. Remember more popularity does not bring more followers; more followers make you more popular.