How to protect your Instagram account


Hey guys, how are you? Today I want to address an extremely important issue with you: HACKERS. As you know, Instagram has become one of the most powerful marketing tools nowadays. There is a whole new market behind the concept of digital influencers which is skyrocketing every day. Unfortunately, there are bad people that want to take advantage of it without putting any effort in. I want to share with you some strategies that you can adopt in order to avoid having your account stolen from you:

1) Two-factor authentication is a security feature that Instagram offers. It’s linked to your phone number to make sure only you get the specific security code once you try to login into your account;
2) Link your other social media accounts to your Instagram. In case something happens it will help you prove the account that was stolen is really yours;
3) Take a screenshot or make a video of your account and save it. Many times Instagram asks for proof that the stolen account is yours when you are trying to recover it.
4) Never click on any links that you get in emails. This has been the most common way of stealing an instagram account. The hacker sends an email pretending to be a brand wanting to work with you. When you click on the link, your account immediately get stolen, password is changed, Instagram handle is gone and you can’t retrieve it unless you pay the hacker.
These are my tips to you. Very simple and feasible. It’s important to take these precautions and avoid being the next digital victim. I hope it helps!