Five Tips To Create Excellent Stories

Heyooo! As promised I am sharing today 5 valuable tips to make amazing Instagram stories and amuse our audience.

If you want your account to have Instagram Stories that catch the attention of your followers you’ll need to use all the available features Instagram offers.

instagram story views
  1. Use different fonts, colors and GIFs to make your stories fun and easy on the eyes;
  2. Use the Poll feature where you can ask your audience to vote on something specific to your niche. For example, if you are a fashion blogger you can post 2 different looks and ask them which one they prefer;
  3. Invest in videos that are relevant and interesting to your viewers. For example, if you are in the Food niche you can make a video giving quick tips of how you plate your food to enhance its aesthetic appeal;
  4. To save time you can use apps / websites to create templates for your stories. So even if you are short on time you can still guarantee the high quality of your stories;
  5. Make sure the colors you choose make sense. Instagram is an extremely visual app. If your stories are pleasant and the color scheme nice it will make your followers crave more!

I hope these tips will help you create amazing content and get your followers engaging with you even more! Let me know how it went and if you have anything to add to my tips.