What is IGTV?

Hello beautiful people! When Instagram released its new feature called IGTV I was a bit confused. Were you too? After all, we have had the Instagram Stories for a while and I didn’t quite understand the purpose of IGTV. Today I will explain to you a bit more about it and why you should use it.

I told you before that videos go really well on Instagram and that it’s easier to make a video go viral than a picture. People tend to be more interested in videos because they are dynamic can also show a more personal side of the instagrammer. Therefore, Instagram introduced this new feature considered to be their most exciting feature to date. Now, each video can be up to an hour long and will not disappear after 24 hours. The point of IGTV is that Instagram users can now make longer videos, which can potentially become more-engaging content for followers.

Hopefully I have made this new concept a bit more clear. I hope you are having a lovely day!