Four Strategies To Improve Your Feed

Heeey guys! How are you?? It is very important to keep you feed visually pleasing. Meaning that it needs to have a consistent look, that makes sense. I will share with you a few strategies today of how to do that.

  1. The first and the most important tip is to choose a theme. An Instagram theme is what your Instagram feed looks overall. The options are endless, some of them include: white, vintage, grunge, boho, tropical, colorful, minimal;
  2. Pick your filter and stick to it. A theme is nothing without a filter. By using a consistent filter or the same pre-sets will make your Instagram more enjoyable to the eyes. It will look more professional and catchy as well;
  3. Select your main colors to coordinate your posts. Pick a few colors you know you will always use in your photos. Then space out your photos in your grid to balance your theme;
  4. Ensure your photos have a high quality. Invest in a good camera and take several pictures so you can choose the best one afterwards. A blurry photo can be seen from miles away. On the other hand, a high quality photo looks sharp and inviting.

I hope this helps with your future posts and in organizing your feed.

Have a lovely rest of the day!